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With the desire to bring more benefits and promotions to customers, VietABank deploys a current account combo that allows customers to simultaneously choose many basic products and services related to a current account with more competitive fee.


  • What is included: Current account, Standard Advance Card, SMS Banking, Standard NHS Combo

  • Minimum balance of current account: VND 50,000

  • Account management fee when not reaching average monthly balance of current account: VND 5,000/month

  • Account closing fee: VND 50,000

  • Digital banking fee: Free

  • Inter-bank funds transfer fee (24/7 Napas and Citad) via digital banking and at the counter by debiting current account: In accordance with current regulations

  • Intra-bank transfer fee via the counter in the form of cash: In accordance with current regulations

Đăng ký và sử dụng dịch vụ

  • Condition:

    Applicable to Vietnamese individuals and foreigner long-term residents in Vietnam with full civil competence and legal capacity.

  • Registration procedure:

    Application form for opening and using personal account

    Valid national ID card or passport

  • Forms

    For registration, please visit the nearest VietABank transaction points or call our Contact Center at: 1900 555 590 or email address: contactcenter@vietabank.com.vn


Frequently asked questions about the product

Can an individual authorize another person to act in the account holder's name?

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Can a customer open multiple payment accounts at VietABank?

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Does the customer get interest on the current account?

Reply :

Enjoy interest on the amount on the account at the interest rate set by VietABank depending on the characteristics of the account, the account balance and in accordance with the interest rate management mechanism of the State bank.


What is the authorization principle for using a payment account?

Reply :
  • The authorized person has the same rights and obligations as the account holder and is the signatory on the transaction documents within the scope and term of the authorization.
    The authorized person may not re-authorize a third party.

In which case does the authorization to use the account terminate?

Reply :
  • The power of attorney expires without being renewed.
    The authorized work has been completed.
    The authorizing party/Authorized party unilaterally terminates the performance of the contract/authorization document to use the account in accordance with the law.
    The authorizing party/Authorized party dies, is declared by the Court to have lost civil act capacity, has limited civil act capacity, is missing or is dead.
    Other cases as prescribed by law.

Can customers who open a payment account at this branch/transaction office amend/supplement their account opening documents at another branch/transaction office?

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What is the minimum balance requirement on a checking account?

Reply :

Customer must maintain a minimum balance on the current account from the time of opening the account or before making the first debit transaction through the current account. The minimum balance on the current account will be applied according to VietABank's regulations from time to time.


In what cases does VietABank have the right to close the customer's current account?

Reply :
  • There is a written request to close the account from the account holder and the account holder has fully fulfilled the obligations related to the current account.
    Account holder is dead, declared dead, missing or has lost civil act capacity.
    The account holder violates the law in payment activities or violates the agreement with VietABank on opening and using the current account.
    The account balance is below the minimum amount prescribed by VietABank at the time of the last transaction on the account and there is no transaction within 12 consecutive months.
    Other cases as prescribed by law.

What types of payment accounts does VietABank have?

Reply :
  • Payment account.
  • Combo account package (integrated with 3 products: Account, debit card, InternetBanking/MobileBanking) includes 4 types:
  • Combo pack 01
    Combo pack 02
    Combo pack 03
    Employee combo package (only for employees)

Who are individual customers who can open a payment account?

Reply :
  • Persons aged full 18 years or older with full civil act capacity as prescribed by Vietnamese law,
    Persons aged between full 15 years old and under 18 years old who do not lose or have limited civil act capacity,
    Persons under 15 years of age, persons who have lost/restricted their civil act capacity in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law, shall open a current account through their legal representative.
    Persons with difficulties in perception and behavior control according to the provisions of Vietnamese law shall open a current account through a guardian.

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