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Do you need to buy a car for travel, trading with partners, or for production and business activities? With VietABank's "12-hour flexible auto loan" product, businesses have more options in purchasing cars with flexible collaterals, fast turnaround time after 12 business hours only.

Product benefits:

  • Extended loan tenor: up to 84 months.
  • High LTV limit: 80% of the value of collateral, which is the purchased vehicle, or 100% of the cost of purchasing the vehicle.
  • Variety of financed vehicles: Passenger cars, trucks (including crates), tractors (including semi-trailers), special-purpose vehicles.
  • Flexible collateral: the vehicles purchased with loan proceeds (including new and used vehicles), real estate and financial instruments.
  • Preferential lending interest rates: 0% in the first month with a diverse range of preferential interest packages for customers to choose from.
  • Quick turnaround time within 12 business hours from receipt of complete application.
  • Flexible principal repayment method, monthly interest payment.
  • Quick and simple procedure
  • Dedicated consulting and support by professionals.

Application documents:

  • Legal documents
  • Collateral documents
  • Economic and financial documents

Contact: For more information about the program/product, please contact:

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